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PharmaResearch Products, Official Sale of Organic Cosmetics 'CPN'

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PharmaResearch Products, Official Sale of Organic Cosmetics 'CPN'



PharmaResearch Products (CEO Kang Ki-Seock and Kim Shin-Kyu) announced on the 20th that they will establish ‘Natural Eye’, a cosmetics distribution company, in partnership with brand platform company Trend Eye (CEO Kim Shin-Young) and start selling organic cosmetics.


In response, PharmaResearch Products has strengthened its competitiveness in the cosmetics market by even having a rejuvenating cosmetic line of c-PDRN ingredients that can be used by men and women of all ages.


Natural Eye’ imports, distributes and sells California Pure Natural (CPN) brand cosmetics manufactured by Dr. J Skinclinic, Inc., a U.S. organic cosmetics company acquired by PharmaResearch Products in 2016, to domestic and overseas markets.


CPN’ is an organic cosmetics brand that mainly consists of clean water and organic raw materials grown in California, and Natural Eye will import CPN's cleansing and body line products implemented with eco-friendly recipes and showcase them to domestic and foreign consumers at reasonable prices.


CPN is a product for consumers who are interested in hypoallergenic, organic, and eco-friendly, especially those who pursue a healthy and safe lifestyle after COVID-19 and along with Rejuran Healer Cosmetics, it will strengthen the product line up and bring in diversified consumers," said an official at PharmaResearch Products.


On the other hand, Dr. J. Skinclinic, Inc. has manufacturing certifications from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA Organic) and from the U.S. Public Health and Safety Organization (NSF) and FDA's OTC (Over-the-counter medicines) manufacturing license, in particular, it also manufactures all organic ingredients used in Rejuran Cosmetics.