For A Better & Longer life

The demand for a better quality of life in the aging society is immense and
regenerative medicine is bound to play an important role, in this great social
change, by offering novel solutions for a better and longer life.

Advances in regenerative science; a science that aims to repair, restore
and rejuvenate the aging cells, tissues and organs has provided vital leads
for a better and longer life. PharmaResearch Products is devoting its R&D
efforts to regenerative science and its dedicated research has resulted
in development of "PDRN" and "PN" isolated from reproductive organs of
wild Korean Salmons.PDRN&PN are unique DNA fragments that play crucial
role in the regeneration of damaged tissues and organ. PDRN&PN are
unique DNA fragments that play crucial role in the regeneration of
damaged tissues and organ. "PDRN" and "PN" are novel DNA fractions
with unique property to repair and regenerate the age related
damaged and exhausted tissue and organ.

PDRN&PN based products have been scientifically tested for their anti-inflammatory and cellular regenerative properties in various animal models and the cellular regeneration properties have been clinically tested in human degenerative disease.
PharmaResearch Products is on the forefront of regenerative medicine research in Korea and is aggressively expanding its scope of R&D and manufacturing activities into important markets all over the world.

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